The Story of Jonah and the Whale bible story

The story of Jonah and the whale bible story starts from his introduction, in this story father reveal what he is, inspite of people were doing sin in Ninveh, the lord bless them and left them alive after they turned from their sin, this what Jonah lead angry at God, because he knew that God will never destroy his people, and God had never will to shatter them, Our Abba father Jesus is speaking you today, that if you turned from you sin, he will forgive you and bless you and give you the land of Cannan where God has promised to his people:) 

man praying in stomach of whale

Who is Jonah?

Here is a little introduction about Jonah, Jonah was a son of Amittai, he was a chosen prophet from heaven and he lived in Israel, i.e. (God’s own country), the Lord purposely chooses him to save the Nineveh from God’s wrath.

What did Jonah do in the Bible?

So the Jonah and the whale bible story starts here, one day Lord spoke to him and said “ Go to Nineveh and preach about my words and tell them to turn back from their wickedness and ask forgiveness, because the lord was very angry with them, and he wanted to destroy them if they don’t turn back from their evil work, but Jonah didn’t act like what God wanted, and Jonah flee from Israel to Tarshis instead of going to Nineveh according to God’s plan

Why is the story of Jonah important?

Jonah a prophet is the main character of Jonah and the whale bible story, he was chosen by God to save Nineveh where more than lakh of people were living in sin, Also In Christian realms, we understand the value of Jonah story, it clearly symbolizes the power of God in whom we trust, Jonah is the greatest example of resurrection before Jesus, as Jonah was inside in whale for three days, he prayed to God, he felt sorry for his mistake and then God listens to him and commanded whale it vomit onto dry land.

What is the main message of Jonah

When we read all the chapter of Jonah, we get to know the character of our God from the starting to the end, he is really a good father, a father who never want hurt their child for being wrong, moreover, he wants us to change the way of living the way as our father wants, our God is a compassionate God, full of boundless love and grace, that’s why he chooses Jonah to go Nineveh and preach them about his words so that Nineveh people could be saved.

Why did Jonah resist God’s calling?

Well the Jonah was a prophet and he was chosen by God, but it’s not true what we are reading in a title, Jonah was a good man though he resists doing work which God wanted to him do, like as we do sometimes and we also deny at many places, but the reason is fleeing of Jonah to Tarshis instead going Nineveh because he knew that God is a gracious God a full of compassion and he knew that he would not destroy Nineveh. At last, exactly happened as Jonah had thought, this shows his mercy is not hidden to anyone, he is a God of restoration, he is a forgiver God and known for his great love.

Joseph in Potiphar’s house

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So God decided to teach him a lesson. After preaching Jonah left out the city and sat under the hut, which was on the east side of it, and then lord grows leaves of a plant to shade Jonah, and he was very happy to be under the shade, but after sometimes storm came and blown away the shade, next day the hot wind blew and Jonah endure scorching heat, wished God to let him die.

Then God asked Jonah why are you getting angry to seeing die plant for that which you have done nothing to grow, then why should I not forgive them for their deed, a great city where more than lakh people lived.

And then Jonah learned, in spite of the people’s bad deeds he loves everyone including, men, women, and children. But this doesn’t give us a certificate to keep sinning, we must hold ourselves back from doing evil work so that his mercy remain upon us.

What is Nineveh called today?

In today’s era, the Nineveh called a Mosul, Iraq, it is one of oldest and greatest cities in archaism.

When did Jonah preach to Nineveh?

According to information, it was the reign of Jeroboam II between 786 – 746 BC 

What did Jesus say about Jonah?

In the new testament Mathew 12:38-42, Jesus spoke the incident of Jonah where the scholars and Pharisees were asking Jesus to show something in a miracle as they wanna test him, then Jesus told them that there will be no big sign than Jonah who was three days and three nights in the big fish stomach, in the same way, the son of man will rose up after three days and night from the grave. And he said at last that someone is here greater than Jonah. But they didn’t understand and still, they were finding ways to make him the culprit.

What did we learn from the story of Jonah

We learn from the story of Jonah and the whale, first of all, We must know that our god was the same yesterday, today and he will be forever, he is a never changing god, but he still changed his mind for Nineveh because he loves them, he doesn’t want anyone to be destroyed, as we read in Genesis he created us in his image, he made us his child and gave the authority over the earth, wow such a big and loving God we have, If an earthly father can’t hurt their child for their wrong then how can our heavenly father left us in sin to die, he only desires that we live a sinless life, with mind helping others and to love a full of love life with each other.

Today’s scenario:

Nothing is hidden, as we all are seeing from 2020 how the world is facing problem in a different face, at this time covid19 has become the major problem for all of us, and lead us to stay inside, but I think this is not a big problem as compared to which the world needs to face i.e. the END TIMES

Bible clearly speaks that the end days are very near and we(the people of God) need to rise up, repent for our sins so that our God forgives us like people of Nineveh.

You know people of god, I have good news for you, you don’t need to worry for heaven, if you’re living your life as God’s want, you’ll surely be in heaven worshiping God.

Wow, praise God!

“ Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”.

May God Bless You!

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