Learn How to Pray to God in 6 Steps

Today we will learn how to pray to God so what are you waiting for? let’s dive into it and learn the aspects of prayer, well there is nothing lab made formula in this post, but all in all if you’re struggling to know natural way of praying, then this post is for you.

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What is Prayer? And what does prayer mean to you?

Before we start to learning to pray to God effectively, let’s dive into it, what is prayer? If you’re unaware of this precious question, then let me tell you, what is prayer!

Prayer is a way through which you connect yourself with God, when we speak words it reaches to God, who is sitting on the throne in heaven and this thing you can’t understand that we can talk to God, through our prayer unless you don’t know his words, and let me tell you, yes it’s possible and for connecting with God, you don’t need world technology or fast speed network 6G or 7G to connect with him, this is a direct connection, you set up the direct connection to him when you pray, can you imagine? How great is our God, Our God talk to us directly, now we need no medium to contact with God, we can have personal chat with him.

Open your Bible and read1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Philippians 4:6-7, Ephesians 6:18-19

What is the Purpose of Prayer?

There are many times a situation comes in our life, where we feel like lost, we feel like no one is with us, and that times is the right time, when you should take a faith of steps in praying compassionately and by this way you will learn how to get in more and more in prayer rather than seeking the attention of the world, but it doesn’t mean that you should only pray when you’re in problem, my suggestion is you should pray every day like you never skip breakfast.

The only way to convey your heart’s desire to God is through prayer. Read John 9

What does Jesus say about prayer in the Bible?

There are several scriptures we see in a bible where Jesus has taught us about the importance of the bible and taught us how to pray to God, let’s have a look at it.

1-  Mathew 7:7-11

There are several scriptures we see in a bible where Jesus has taught us about the importance of the bible and taught us how to pray to God, let’s have a look at it.

1-  Mathew 7:7-11

Ask it will be given to you, seek you will find, and knock it will be opened to you, if you read more in the bible you will get to know, our god listen to destitute prayer and he never rejects, but many times we don’t get what we are asking.

There are two conditions when we ask, and we don’t get it!


We have to understand that our heavenly Father knows what we need at a time, if our mundane father knows what we need at particular time, then what do you think, does our heavenly father did not know our need, our heavenly know better than us, and he gives us at his right time, so don’t ask anything according to your deadline.


The bible says clearly we ask many times with a wrong intention, we ask for a self-pleasure, we ask to harm others, that’s why God doesn’t listen to our prayer.

Now it’s up to you to analyze yourself, in which category you’re, according to me, better is control your mind and have trust in Jesus and share the love of Jesus and he will fulfill your heart’s desire according to his best time.

When you pray, you shall not be praying as a hypocrite do, for they stand and synagogues and in the corner streets, that they may be seen by the world.

2- Mathew 6:5

We seek our own pleasure, rather than loving our neighbors we love ourselves. We are in desperate need of forgiveness because of our sin.

3- Micah 6:8 

How should you pray when you’re in a problem?

A man is praying over the knee in the church wearing grey t-shirt

First, we have to understand why we face a problem in our life!Well everybody knows if not, then you must accept, that problem is a part of life especially if you’re living a Christian life, even God himself suffers to free us from our own made sin so why we should not? Which is itself made by us, and you must accept this too that we can’t get rid of this anyhow as this is the process.

But you must find the reason why you are facing a certain problem because many times we blame to God for every problem for no reason, we put everything on God, that he must be doing this, instead of blaming we must see our own life, do we really doing justice? Are we really walking with God with righteousness? Well

There are almost two types of prayer people do when they stuck in a problem!

1- Either they ask God to free from their problem.

2- When they accept, that this problem gonna glorify God.

1-Well it is easy to ask God to solve your problem, and I am not even against it, If you have done wrong against heaven and earth you should ask forgiveness, He’s your Abba father he will surely listen to you in your condition.

2-There are also people we found in the bible like Job whose life becomes worse, he lost everything his most precious family, all wealth and even his health, he was scolded for his faith from his relative’s ones but still he was standing firm like a rock, without uttering a single word to God. Later you know the result of what happened to him!

Just Question yourself are you ready to face even such kind of problem? If yes be ready to get 4 times a blessing in your life. 

The option is in your hand either to condemn or face the problem! Let you decide.

Fun Facts

 Do you know how many times is “prayer” mentioned in the bible?

 The word “Prayer” is mentioned almost 132 times in the Bible, you will get a few of them in these verses 2 Samuel 7:27 . 1 king 8:28. (twice) 1 kings 8:29

How does God want us to pray?

The first prayer which Jesus teaches us in a new testament is written in Mathew 6:9-13 When you read, you will be amazed to know how Jesus covers everything in prayer,When you start your prayer, your focus should not be your problem, but on the father, you must learn to forgive others, in order to get your forgiveness from God, Prayer is the only key, where we can save ourself from the wrath in future. 

Learn aspects or secrets of personal prayer

Well, there is nothing big formula which has been kept away from the world, all in all, when you go to pray to God, you must submit yourself as a whole in prayer.

I would like to provide you a few checklists which you can follow, but not compulsory, you can follow your own way, it should glorify God whatever you do.

  • Make a few times apart from your work and spend time with God
  • Going meeting and spending time alone with God is really different
  • Set your time either in the morning or in the night
  • Submit yourself to God
  • Be a Good listener
  • Don’t speak continue in prayer, be quiet and try to listen to him
  • Read your Bible, because when you pray, you speak your word, but when you read the bible you get an answer from his word
  • Consistency is key, it’s doesn’t change anything in one day.
  • God knows the right time to do, so keep praying

See, It may take 15 years to get a blessing of a son like Abraham got, or it may take 12 years to be healed like a lady who was bleeding for 12 years, or Lazarus could alive in 4 days after death, so I wanna conclude here, no matter what your situation is or what you’re going through, there is a God, who is alive and he’s listening to you, as the bible says in Hebrew 11:6 you can’t please God, without having faith. So have faith and keep praying, our God is a God of refuge and strength and very present help in trouble. God will answer your prayer.

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