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There are people who will say, there is no issue having tattoos and many of them lack the reverence of God. While there are many people who think before they take any action towards their body, when those things are going to be with you forever. Although that can be removed, it becomes hard to completely get rid of the tattoos. 

What does the Bible say about tattoos in the Old testament?

Well, we find the reference in Leviticus 19:28, where the bible is clearly speaking about our body, one should not cut himself/herself nor should get any tattoos on their bodies.

God Clearly wants us to be away from such things, because indirectly having this you worship the idol, and lean towards witchcraft which is completely unacceptable for God.

What does the bible say about tattoos in the New Testament?

Well in the new testament bible doesn’t speak anything about tattoos, but you shouldn’t take it as a completely green signal, one should keep in mind that whatever you do, it must glorify God. People knowingly sometimes make mistakes, being a believer you should be careful for others too, that one should not be offended and should not take a wrong path, just because you have done.

Should Christian get tattoos?

In the U.S alone 1 of the 5 people are having tattoos, it is widely spreading too, in many of the churches you will find people are having tattoos. Many people are having tattoos of bible verses, Jesus image, on their neck, arms, and belly. They are expressing belief through their tattoos. 

Will you go to heaven, if you have tattoos?

Well, there is no relation between tattoos and heaven, and it is not written anywhere that you can’t go to heaven if you’re having tattoos, our lord doesn’t forget and leave just because you’re having tattoos. 

The Bible only tells that one should believe in him, that he is the real creator of heaven and earth, he is the alpha and omega, he is the one who gave his only begotten son to die for us, so that we may have an abundant life. And after three days of burial, he was resurrected from the grave and sat at the throne beside God. 

Medical Advantages and Disadvantages if having tattoos?


When a person goes through the process of getting tattoos, our body releases the chemical and it reduces the cortisol level, which is the main reason for stress. There are many diseases which are caused by stress so indirectly it helps to prevent you from many diseases.


Tattoos breach the skin, with the age it affects dies, and it starts releasing all the colour from the tattoo part, you might have itching and skin allergy too in that area, which could affect your whole body. And no one can be sure when it will start.


Well, we have gone through all the possible questions which you might have in your mind, whether to get tattoos or not in the modern world, where everybody is looking for it.

Before taking any action you should take care of everything, what the bible says about it, and if you’re having tattoos then what kind of tattoos you should have, your tattoos should not offend anyone. Also, you should seek words from your pastor, elder your family members and listen to what they are telling you to do.

We talked about advantages and disadvantages too, you must know your health condition, whether you’re ready to take it or not, also you must prepare yourself for the future consequences. 

So last but not the least, as long as you’re ready with everything, then it won’t be a problem, your faith defines who you are not your tattoos, you must not take it also just because everyone is doing, and if you do it, then it won’t stop you too to go to heaven. Be Blessed!

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